“Pedal Harps for sale - Lyon & Healy harp 4754-17” (SOLD) Filmed & Edited by Christian Rose
Date: 2011.11.04  Equipment: Sony HDR-SR11 Handycam Filmed & Edited by Christian Rose Description by Daniel Rose: This was one of the harps played by my mother before she retired from her position as Principal Harpist in the Houston Symphony after 31 years.  All of her harps have been sold or given to former students. Although she was also a harp instructor at the University of Houston, she always taught privately at home.  I heard a lot of harp music. I remember sitting in my red and white high chair, as a three year old,  experimenting on this huge instrument playing just two strings at a time.  Though I did not know what they were called, that is when I learned how to distinguish a Major third from a Minor third.  Major thirds sounded happy, but Minor thirds sounded sad. I began to practice audiolizing (imagining the sounds in my head) and moving my fingers as if I was playing the harp by visualizing the strings. The same technique works for any instrument, but it can be a distracting habit.  When you audiolize music, it is difficult to concentrate on anything else because it requires the use of both sides of your brain. You may tap your feet or fingers obsessively, and end up with a reputation for not paying attention to people for the rest of your life! Anyway, the video is nice...
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Pedal Harps for sale - Lyon & Healy harp 4754-17
A Native Houstonian, Daniel Rose has been entertaining audiences Singing & Playing Keyboards, Sax & Guitar... for more than Four Decades