I literally have a ton of gear, some of which I may have to sell at a reasonable price in order to buy some new equipment to do bigger things a better way. That’s the American way...!  After a great deal of study and a couple of weeks of tutorials, I am interested in upgrading my onsite live recording system with a Mac Mini and Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 .  My Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 channel, the 8 (10) channel Presonus FIRESTUDIO  Project and my Custom designed Desktop PC are excellent for home studio recording, but I need more channels with the incredible “FAT Channel” (The FIRESTUDIO Project only provides excellent mic pre’s but no Processing DSP’s) for recording a band properly in a club, and the Desktop PC is not convenient to move.  Somebody please buy some of my “Used”, and “Like New” gear so I can record your band at the club.  I may even sell you Phil’s lovely Digital Wireless Shure microphone. He hasn’t booked any gigs for us in a while and he probably wont miss it right away... (Just kidding, Phil).  Call me and make an appointment to come and see what I have to sell. I have about six of everything. I am certain we can agree on some  fair prices, and perhaps even a price you are willing to pay... (It’s for a good cause). 
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A Native Houstonian, Daniel Rose has been entertaining audiences Singing & Playing Keyboards, Sax & Guitar... for more than Four Decades