Live-Music Venue Owners, Event Planners, & Booking Agents: Are you in the market for an outstanding One-Man Band or Duo? Please consider what I have to offer your customers, guests, or clients:  THE SOUND: Every note sounds like a well-rehearsed  Live Band.  THE VOLUME: Sound levels can be appropriately adjusted from a whisper to a concert.   INSTRUMENTATION: Vocals, Keyboard, Sax, & Guitar plus premium backing tracks.   MUSIC GENRES: Love Songs, Pop, Smooth Jazz, Standards, R&B Classics, Soul, Funk, Disco,  Rock Oldies, Latin Rock, Country... (View the Song List sorted by Genre)  SPECIAL EVENTS: The repertoire includes dozens of “Big Band Era” Jazz Standards from Michael  Buble to Frank Sinatra for Dinner Guests, Sunday Brunches, Business Mixers,  Ballroom Dancers,  Wedding Receptions, Corporate & Special Events, and Retirement & Assisted Living communities.  SONG LISTS: The Song List may be viewed sorted either by Title, Artist or Genre. REQUESTS: Additional resources are available to respond to special song requests.  FEATURED ARTISTS: A duo or larger ensemble is normally available at the clients request.  EQUIPMENT: Lights & PA systems are available for both large and small venues. CALENDAR: The performance schedule is viewable by clicking the Calendar tab above.  APPEARANCE: Normally, a dress shirt, tie, slacks, leather shoes and a cool jacket, or a suit.  MAILING LIST: Customers who Sign up for the Newsletter will be notified of Calendar updates.      ...I need more information! Suggestions: Click the Video Gallery tab to watch me sing a few songs, or click the Featured Artists tab to learn more about the Duo option or click the Music Tab to listen to Phil Johnson & Daniel Rose. Click the Video Services tab to learn how Christian Rose can make your Music Videos. Check out more features and services available below...  Song List - Please click the Song List tab to sort by Title, Artist or Genre. The list includes the selections I played the most frequently in the past year while performing as a One-Man Band and a Duo with Phil Johnson. When other Featured Artists join me, each individual already has their own separate Song List and backing tracks conveniently installed in my system insuring a smooth performance no matter who is singing. Don’t forget to ask about your favorite songs even if you don’t see it on the partial list. I can do thousands of requests. Calendar - Please click the Calendar tab to confirm availability and book a new event, or check see where I am playing next and come hear the music.  of course, Newsletter recipients will only see your venue’s name or location on the Calendar if it is a public event. Note: I just finished performing seven nights a week (and sometimes Sunday Brunch) for the past year exclusively at Mattia’s Trattoria Piano Bar (click to see the review in Scene Live) in the Clear Lake, TX area, and it was time for a break so the calendar is not populated. Now, my new website is ready, and I am on my way back to the front lines.  Feedback - To view Customer Feedback with reference to the Entertainment at Mattia’s Trattoria Piano Bar where I played for the past year, please click the Feedback tab. There simply were no negative comments to be found about the entertainment in any of the reviews from any of the customers... Featured Artists - While I thoroughly enjoy performing as a One-Man Band, I am also very fortunate to have established a comfortable working relationship with a select group of gifted and professional Featured Artists who inspire audiences wherever they go.  Phil Johnson and I began working together in 1990, and have been performing regularly as a Duo since 2006. Learn more... Music - You can sit back for a few minutes and listen to some Mp3 audio samples (recorded live in early 2012) featuring the amazing Phil Johnson on lead vocals, and myself on keyboard & background or harmony vocals, by clicking the Music tab. The media player loops the samples automatically, so don’t forget to click the “stop” button before listening to the next sample. Video Services  - Do you wish you could tell your friends or clients to look at your own new Music Video, but you need someone who can understand your music or video ideas, someone who speaks your language to help create it your way You can collaborate with Christian Rose to create a script for your Music Video, and he will direct the video while either your sound engineer or I can capture the audio. If you are a Vocalist or Solo act, we can shoot some multi-camera video and record multi-track audio of yourself singing/and playing your instrument live or with a bkgd. track (Yes, we have ‘em). Interesting? Click here to Learn more... Video Gallery - To view some of my current Performance Demos, Click the Video Gallery tab and choose a song title from the menu. I am currently making some new multi-camera videos using my usual One-Man Band setup which will be a more complete indication of what I normally do at a Live Performance Music gig. Music Video projects, filmed & edited by Christian Rose, are located in the Video Gallery, as well. For more information on Video Services, click the Video Services tab instead. Contact - Please click the “Sign Up for the Newsletter” at the top of any page so I can forward the details about upcoming gigs or other news directly to your Email address. Thank you very much. Music Gigs, Multi-track Audio Recording, Music Videos for Bands or Individuals, Multi-camera Video Recording,  Photography or Web Design Services,
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A Native Houstonian, Daniel Rose has been entertaining audiences Singing & Playing Keyboards, Sax & Guitar... for more than Four Decades
A Native Houstonian, Daniel Rose has been entertaining audiences Singing & Playing Keyboards, Sax & Guitar... for more than Four Decades